Monday, August 25, 2014

Farewell, My Lovelies

After about 8 years, I have decided to pretty much abandon this blog, and I thank the nearly half a million viewers who are all unique, and amassed 1.25 million page views. 

I am leaving the blog itself alive but have removed everything but links to some old stories and to other blogs. I have not updated them, so some may be dead links. 

There is no longer any need to share the photos that once graced these pages, as everyone knows how to find what he/she needs, and there is too much downside these days to depicting backsides. As I reviewed the more than 300 posts, I realized that I started the blog as an act of sharing what I had the time and nerve to create or find. I also found that what brought me the most smiles was the creation of what I hope were amusing titles. 

So, farewell, sort of. I can be reached at or

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